Welcome to Success and Mindset Group

Success and Mindset Group is an innovative and revolutionary self-development and improvement business that specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and business professionals.  Our focus is on using modern cognitive neuroscience to influence behavioral change within the workplace. 

We help achieve these key results for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and network marketers:

  • Boost sales performance to include analysis of sales personnel mindsets and feedback about their attentional style to support increased sales performance.
  • Improve leadership processes. Clients experience increased awareness of their own attentional and interpersonal style and the ability to adapt and use it to improve their business productivity.
  • Reduce the stress and unhappiness in the workplace leading to absenteeism and turnover

We work with small business owners with more than six employees, entrepreneurs, and network marketers with more than a ten person downline, and corporate clients who want alignment and coherence between their belief systems (mindsets) and business practices.  Past clients have included military leadership, corporate clients, and healthcare organizations.

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